Battle against Depression: some sweet addition


“I am not feeling top of the world right now ,I want to escape from reality so that i don’t have to face my problems”…All of us at least several times have spoken these kind of words during our life time..And its quite ok to express your frustration sometimes.But What if, these frustrations  lead u toward “depression”???Helps are there definitely,but cant we,ourselves cant make any difference?? Let’s see

Some days back i was reading about some NLP and something amazing caught my eyes,a phrase..According to  NLP “you go there first”. which implies,if you want to transmit any emotion to others ,u need to first feel that within yourself. Emotion n thoughts r contagious.So emotion that u feel  effect how u filter information from surroundings.This is very relevant in this discussion ,as simply  when u thinking how bad is life for you…you are feeling low. And this feeling within you leads u towards more depression,again you are feeling more pathetic…n again you are more trapped in dread depression.


When you are thinking “I am worthless” whole day,you just cant change your situation..because you are even not trying to solve your problem at first place, instead your mental energy is just getting wasted.

Secondly when you are spending a great amount of time thinking how depressed you are, unwillingly you are developing an habit of spending greater amount time thinking the same .It’s like an infinite loop.

So, Stop nurturing Victim mentality.    Ok…..then what could be the possible solution??? 

Replace negative thoughts like“I am worthless”  with  positive thoughts like“well, how to start new things” or “how can I change my situation”.

i know ..its damn hard. But its an uphill battle ,you remember. One thing can help you in this regard,  whenever you feel emotions are crawling towards you , just go out, and give five people genuine complement . Key of success with these two things lies in  the fact “emotion are contagious”. You must have to feel happy within yourself to do any of them. And a happy man can be anything other than depressed.And yeah..that beautiful smile on your loved ones’ faces….  bonus points.

Second part of Counter-depression strategy is more implementation of positive thoughts. Think “how can I change my situation”, then make a plan, step by step. Don’t be shy to ask help from others. Immerse yourself to build yourself up again. Thus you will develop a habit of thinking positive. Soon enough you will find yourself in a infinite loop, but a positive one.

Changing of thoughts is much more difficult in real life than just sit and type about it.Take my word for it,you really need some strict self-policing  if you want any good.Period

Last but not the least,One of my observation is people who are in more control over their life are prone to less suffer from depression than who have lesser control over their life. So try to keep as many as possible options in terms of jobs, studies and obviously in that you can always keep depression at bay.


I want to make one thing clear …I am not a doctor or a physiologist, these are just observations of mine and some steps that helped me to overcome tough phase of my life.So while you consulting with doctors for medical help,these things can contribute in your life little bit.

carpe diem




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