Peer Pressure: how not to crush under it


Dear friends.

Today I m going to discuss about something more theoretical, if this discussion helps anyone you even a bit in your life, I will feel purpose of writing this post is fulfilled.

Initially, When one person is making his moves to achieve something, which could be mastering new skill set or maybe starting new business or anything else ,he has to face a lot of something called “peer-pressure”. Actually, It’s nothing but your friends are family trying you to make you act or think in the way they fell correct. And this peer-pressure thing can be crippling if not handled carefully.

Most people, generally have small to medium size social circle and people from those circles are also come from similar financial and social back ground. Thus their belief and value system tend to be quite similar. whenever one of member of such kind of group try to adopt and assimilate a new idea or new belief, other people feel obligation to enlighten the poor soul and try to back him on track. According to me, this is the main reason for this kind of pressure if not only. From my personal experience, I can tell that when we are closely associate with a social group ,”confirmation bias” kicks in and even mature individuals also tend to seek for approval of others. And reality is that, will-power itself ,I believe is simply overrated and tend to be depleted very soon .When someone is starting something new and everybody around him are telling he is wrong, good luck pursuing with that thing.


So, One must have to handle it and with care. Staying clam before tremendous pressure is very tough But I believe ,”peer pressure” can be tackled if we tend to do something differently. There could be other ways and following are solely something I learned from my personal experiences.

  • One must try their best to have multiple social circles which are diverse.It’s not that hard,just Join different club, mingle with different people who posses value system which is quite different from your own background. It helps to have much wider point of view of life.
  • Being very much particular and achieve some early success. This is one of the most important thing because when you look at your early successes you will know that your are on right track irrespective of what others tell you.
  • Having complete faith on mission or ideas. Drink with that idea, sleep with that and most importantly create a belief within yourself that you will be successful whatever happens. Your belief will give your personality kind of edge which will help you to tackle “peer pressure”
  • Be assertive .Don’t listen to others, when they are just trying to install what they believe to be appropriate instead of some constrictive criticism. Politely tell them you are not going to listen if there is no constrictive criticism.
  • If you are a bit show-off kind of person, then work with it in your favor. Take a challenge to prove it to the others that you are right and irrespective of what people say you are going to show them all.

As a told there could be other ways around and what matters is that, though everybody should always love their family and friends as well as respect their opinions, but he must not stop pursuing his dream for mere “peer-pressure”. These thing will always challenge everybody so better if you learn you to win those challenge.


Carpe diem,


P.S: Please let me know what your opinions are and if you want to add something, just put a comment in comment section. And please feel free to let me know what kind of topic you want to be discussed.



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