Gift of Introversion


One of the most widely searched topic on Google is “how to be more extrovert”. Since we belong to a society where extroversion is given much more preference  and privileges then it’s introverted counterpart, its obvious  why people are being so eager to become “extrovert”. According to common belief extroversion is equivalent to friendly nature and outgoing personality traits ,contrary to introversion which is related to being shy even social retard.

Actually, situation is not that kind of black and white. In reality, extrovert people are just recharge themselves  with socializing and interacting with a lot of people. They love to initiate conversation with even strangers which may not be deep but they feel freshened up. On the other hand, introvert people do need a few hours of solitude or self-company to re-energized themselves. Being introvert has nothing to do with being socially retard or” withdrawn”.

In this regard let me explain something. Being Introvert does not mean being social retard or awkward. Personally ,I have known several introvert people very closely, who have more social grace as well as connections few extrovert imagine.They are smart,good looking and people like them a lot. Some of the introverts also tend to be brilliant conversationalist.But at the end of the day,they all need some personal time and solitude or may be a walk in the forest. For those introvert readers ,legendary James bond most probably a introvert, if you have any doubt, just watch bond movies with rapt attention.

There are another type of people are there, “shy extrovert”. They love to talk with people yet may not be very socially graceful. They know their drawback so they limit social interaction due to fear of rejection.

Introversion and extroversion, none of them are superior to each other. Each of them has their own set of advantages but since we are talking about being introvert specifically ,lets have a look on gifts of introversion.

  • Introverts are tend to think deep. They usually have deeper understanding and insight then their extrovert counter part. So, if you are trying to find out a “master of some” instead a “jack of all treads”, our finding probably would be a introvert.
  • Introvert tend to have better focus on things and they are quite imaginative .Thus scientists, poets, artist are often found to be introvert.
  • They speak less which gives them more time to listen others. This quality makes them good listener .Since being good listener is one of the basic ingredient of being a conversationalist, some of introverts are considered as talented conversationalist.
  • These people are really good motivators and very supportive to their closet friends and family members.
  • Introverts usually process their thoughts inside their head and words that come out from their mouth tend to much crisp and organized.
  • These people love to read books which give them entertainment and wisdom.

Last words

We have our natural preference of being ‘introvert’ or ‘extrovert’ and this cannot be altered.But,as I said before being friendly,warm and successful have nothing to do with introversion or extroversion.Just ignore the messages from social media and internet which paint introverts as loser because that’s nothing but bullshit.

So,turn off the T.V ,smile,be happy with the way you are,know your strengths and thrive to achieve the life you dreamed of.


Carpe diem,




3 thoughts on “Gift of Introversion

  1. I’m not that sure if ever we tend to chose being extra or intro… verted. Feels more like a thing you have deep inside of you, which you can more or less correct along with time 😉

    • Often average people associate being nerd and withdrawn with, introvert people often try to be like extroverts while completely ignoring the fine qualities they have deep inside .I am agree with you,we remain same under our skin and can never fully change our natural my point is learn your own strengths and go ahead. 🙂

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