Popping the Bubble: Discarding social programming for personal freedom


If we allow ourselves to scroll down  someone’s facebook profile, at least one or more quotes  would be there, stating that individual value freedom much more than anything.If we shut down the laptop and ask any person in real life ,again he/she(including myself even) would say in most assertive voice,that they are free and value personal freedom more than anything. But if we care to look around , there are hordes of men and women , who are anything but free from any angle. And if the observer care to  take a look closely, those people are not actually free, things that are preached to them affected so intensely make them to forget how to think and live freely. It’s like we are all inside a invisible  bubble.

How and why invisible bubbles form around us:

We are conditioned to obey some instructions from our childhood. Parents, teachers, Elders immensely influence our thought process , moral codes as well as our world view. When we grow up, social media and internet press some more concepts and beliefs deep inside of our mind. This effect is so subtle yet powerful that without our knowledge , we start to believe in and live with those ideas. After such a long psychological conditioning, it becomes impossible even to think and believe ,life can be different ( and better obviously) then how our surroundings tells it should be. For example we think we should go to college to get a degree because it will help us to get a job. After getting the job ,  we try to stick to it no matter how much we hate it. From my personal experience, in my country where fresh engineering graduates bet everything to get placed in some reputed MNCs, and within one or two years you can not find a more bitter complainer than them.And i think this is quite similar, all over the world.  They are not less talented by any means( they are highly skilled and talented actually) , but they often feel companies are sucking out their life and youth and is not paying up to that mark. But people still choose that life style because most of them  have no idea if there are any paths except that and even refuse to search for new paths. This is a single example, there are thousands of such instances in everywhere, from relationships to life style.

Why to pop the bubble:

There is a scene from movie “Fight club” which i fancy ,where narrator blackmailed his boss and boss was stunned . He took up his phone and called security to throw the narrator out of his sight. According to his previous experience and expectation, a subordinate employee could not do any harm or set him up in a trap. But rest, all of us know, how that employee ( narrator) popped the bubble by hitting himself and set his boss up as a physical  aggressor . Narrator finally managed to get what he wanted by screwing his boss . Here is the  video link:

Though i dont advocate such manipulative action , but it is a classic example how things could turn unexpected , if we start to ignore our social conditioning. Whenever we try to unshackle ourselves,or try to push out of comfort zone, we may unlock some opportunity which can change our lives for good. It is a game of high risk, huge return. We are out of habitual life( may not be that much comfortable) which can trigger anxiety but if we manged to hold our horses little longer,we may get rewarded with a life, or income or relationships way more fulfilling.Every men or women who have achieved the excellence, must have popped those invisible bubbles at any point of their life. We can put entire theory this way, limiting thoughts are designed to bind all the members of a society and if we want to be better than average , we cant act like an average,period.

How to pop the bubble: 

What i believe that those theories are way more easier to read than to implement.Social rules has some benefits and we must have at least some idea about which bubbles are to pop and which are not. Thinking without inhibition and act with intent are the keys. Free thinking can be developed several ways like,

  1. Reading: Reading expands our mind and helps to see beyond the smoke screen.Most of us dont read much apart from their work domain related stuff. Obviously we miss a lot of opportunities around us. So we should read , read and read some more.
  2. screen out negativity: This can be little trickier as we often consume a lot of information from people, internet without judging. kind of information and messages we receive determine our world view. So if our favorite show glorifies average Joe life , we better switch the Tv off and save some electricity and ourselves.
  3. Take risk: No risk, no gain. If we dont step out our comfortzone, we just dont grow , period. Ask yourself which would you prefer, regrating in your 80s that how u let the opportunities slipped and end up to live a life way less than you could achieve or take some risks ,lose some faces but have some great stories for your grandchildren to tell that how their grandpa took some risk and killed the Goliath .
  4. Mix with all kind of people: Usually we hang out people from similar social , economical back ground. But friends from different backgrounds can help us to gain a wider vision or  help us to create new hopes for us . For a simple example, say john is a coder and believed that boring 9-5 job is the only way to make money. one day he meet Jonathan who is an artist cum writer. After few months of interaction, Jonathan inspired john to re start his blogging which john loved a lot during his graduation days. One day john realize  he can actually fuse his technical knowledge and writing in a single work and set up a online tech mag. After few years , now john  makes more money from that mag then he could ever get from his job, but he has his freedom also. And all of these way possible for his artsy friend Jonathan.
  5.  Travel a lot:  Generally those who travel a lot , are on an average more open minded, experienced and knowledgeable. Because, when we travel we meet a lot of new people, face difficulties which sharpen our mind and body. So traveling is a very good way to free your thinking.                


When bubble is already popped and we are free:

Chain is now broken , smoke has been cleared so we should thrive ourselves to achieve what we want. Social rules and regulations has there places but we should not let those to pull us back. I do believe time is the most valuable asset and we must not waste it by doing sub par job or being in a not very fulfilling relationship just because people around us think that we should. Breaking the chains are just first step toward achieving our dreams, and a long road is ahead of us.

carpe diem,


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