Embrace your dark side and Grow part I – The show-off


Remember that scene from Spider man -3 , where Peter Parker in all black ,performed a dance in a club while looking outright bad ass . His movements were smooth ,effortless and his eyes were razor sharp. Every person of that club was completely hooked. He oozed kind of magnetic charisma , which hit each and every person standing there, who looked at him with appreciation and a bit of jealousy even.

That is a perfect example off a show-off ( you can watch the  clip here).

Some of people , have a slice of that Show off within themselveselves. People often despise the show offs , so we are advised from our childhood that Show off is a big no no. But if one decides to go bit deeper he will find,though showoff are irritating but  one of the prime reason for disdain towards show offs( I am particularly  talking  about only those people who   love to flash stuff they got , not that kind who rally dont have anything to show but still pretend.) that rest simply don’t have balls to draw the spot light on themselves and pack a knock out punch.

The origin of a Show off:Intrinsic Motivations :

There are people who may be the best in what he do , yet prefer not to show or tell about it.Many times these people are sufficiently validated in other ways that they no longer long for the applause. Others , on the other hand prefer to put on a show what they have achieved. Most probably this show off tendency is somewhat related to Intrinsic Motivation( I am no psychiatrist actually.If anyone finds something contrary, please feel free to mention in comment section with link).

tumblr_n6qfvyu0cI1s4wedio2_500Any person’s motivations are partly genetic , partly depends on how he grows up.

Origin of this desire to flaunt can be different for every person. For example perhaps , a guy/girl who was a neglected ugly duckling,  later grown up to be a true bomb shell, now he/she want to experience as many romantic encounter humanly possible and also desire to get appreciated and envied by others. “I will show them” kind of motivation is making them to thrive.

Attention seekers simply get a kick when people look at their achievement and their jaw simply drop. A small set of people are out there who believes Show off is an art ,and they are simply an artist(  they can actually show off without looking sleazy ). So ,there are many possibilities.

Why  a show off is not always equivalent to  an asshole:

Though bragging is often associated with negative social image, it has subtle  yet strong effect on people.Some industries are entirely depends on showboating.These are some cases of “approved showboating”

  • Why does that popular rock star break his guitar on stage? I know, some will say he is a rebel . But just think for a moment,  actual rebels  are there in many part of world, who don’t want to show their faces in a million year or country musicians who don’t break their instruments .Simply, Guitar destruction helps our rock star to sell  album more.
  • Politicians and Movie stars are keeping themselves wide awake in night about thinking how to represent their best face in front of public.
  • People spend a lot money to buy some branded clothing or food yet sometime their local productions are cheaper and better . Simply because brands do advertise and advertise is showing off.
  • Luxurious lifestyle and  conspicuous consumption are directly related  with showboating.

People can and do endure a showboating in a much larger degree than they like to ever admit even understand. Only socially uncalibrated showing offs  stick out like sore thumb.

How to use  Showing off to propel oneself:

This showboating mentality is a double edged sword. It can lead to false arrogance and egotism , on the other hand if wielded properly , it can work as fuel and boost the motivations.

  • The desire of proving oneself before others or establish him/herself as an expert can make an individual work really hard.
  • Proper understanding of showing off desirable treats ,can help any person to climb the corporate ladder faster.
  • Musicians , actors, models etc those who are in show business should embrace showboating so that they can represent their work in best possible way.
  • For those who loves the attention, showing off in a effortless way, can make more people to appreciate  their show( or stuff). In case of any doubt or elaborate explanation , read it here.


Internal Factors which drive any individual , remains quite same for his life. No amount of social pressure or reward can change Intrinsic motivating factors. If you are a show off, proudly embrace it and work with it for your self growth. Just remember, only clumsy arrogance and show off can bring resentment .Take care of that and smooth the rough edges , that’s all you need to be yourself and thrive at the same time.


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